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Model Stolen straight from Sketchfab

(Crazed Sculptor) #1

Had a model stolen from me from this site when I had not selected the download option for it. The person that stole it said that it was quite easy and then he uploaded it onto Thingiverse. I don't trust this site anymore.

Don't upload on Sketchfab
(Jon Russell) #2

That sucks. Difficult to know how to get around this problem and a few people have complained about it. The models have to be retrieved from a database when loading so this is always a weak point. Hopefully SF pulls something out of the bag and manages to put a stop to it (I am sure they would if they could, because its bad for business).

@SF I noticed there are now Business and Enterprise accounts now available. It might be worth mentioning to any of these types of clients that prototype designs etc with intricate parts/designs could be stolen/poached. It would be a bit of a downer for Siemens if they post a prototype design on SF and it gets stolen by a competitor. Probably an over simplistic example but you get my point.

Keep up the good work, SF is looking better everyday (IMO).

(Jon Russell) #3

Side note. Its no secret that stuff like pirate bay exists, before that there was limewire and I think torrent is still going. Loads of people use these sites and consider themselves upstanding citizens. Unfortunately, stealing is stealing. Stealing a chocolate bar is something most people would not do, but downloading a film illegally at home is something a lot of people do. Its a pity, but true. The same will happen with 3D models and it wont end. Still, I feel your pain, and it sucks when someone steals your hard work.

(Rudolfs) #4

Anything that has to be loaded in memory can be stolen from there. Dont think theres much anyone can do since it happens at such low level. People have been ripping models right out of games for very long time. its easy because theres tools for that.

(Stephomi) #5

Hopefully SF pulls something out of the bag and manages to put a stop to it

We already did (around october 17).
And so far it's working, all the models that have been reported were ripped prior to this date (including the ones from @CrazedSculptor).
That being said, it's possible for the rippers to find a workaround.

Anything that has to be loaded in memory can be stolen from there.

Any websites that tell otherwise would lie (here's what our FAQ says
The only thing that we can guarantee is that your original file is never exposed.

(Crazed Sculptor) #6

I uploaded a model with the option to not being able to download it, but someone managed to extract it and upload it onto Thingiverse.

(Shaderbytes) #7

when a new operating system gets released it get ripped , when a new game is released it gets ripped and individual contents and model and textures from the game get ripped, when any software get released like phtoshop etc.. anything, it get ripped.

So are those all bad? the people who use ripped content , end users, dont rip it themselves in full because it is difficult to do that, someone else with the know how and lots of work does it and provides a tool to do it to end users .. this is easy to use and i do agree it can be said to be done with ease from that point of view but without those tools it is not going to happen.

Sketchfab developers are aware of such tools and are constantly working to make those tool not work. but the same can be said of those people building those ripping tools .. they are also constanty patching the tool to try and circumvent the actions of sketchfab developers. This is true for all software.

Internet security also has got huge teams of "good guys" working against the threats and malware of the "bad guys'. It never ends. Im talking about thousands of issues everyday you are not even aware of. Nothing digital on the internet is safe, nothing digital on your pc is safe. Even photographers and image sites used to use watermarks, but software became clever enough to remove those with one click, so now they simply only use really low res images as a result so work is not stolen. Captcha security on forms has to scramble some alpha numeric sequence in a way that software can not edge detect and predict those letters in a easy manner..why do you need that? because if you have owned a site or forum you will have to deal with bots and spam. it it rife and it exists.

The world is full of good and bad people everywhere, and self deluded entitled people who would not think of themselves as bad but rip everything everyday. It is not sketchfab's fault , they are not slack about security and it was not easy to any layman end user to actually rip anything. If the ripping tool is really good , it is not then the site or platform that is bad , it remains the ripping tool that is well made. Sketchfab in no way permitted the action of the said person The person who stole your work is a thief plain and simple.

You will never escape this ,it will always be a constant battle where ever you take your work and publish it. Safe today is not safe tomorrow... if you dont want your model stolen dont upload it anywhere in any 3d viewer that uses the model file/s in some way.

(Dosdoktor) #8

Me, as a Unity Dev i open the GPU Vram in the hex editor all the time (the same applies with the CPU ram) i do this to look at the raw data in it, and as i see i can tell you that once it’s loaded into the VRAM, the file is converted into GPUs native code, so it’s as easy as it can get to rip the files. All the textures in the VRAM have dxt format and the models are raws for the cuda cores.