Model Uploaded From Blender Lacks Rig Check Mark


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This is my first day on this website so please bear with me. I uploaded my model today after rigging it with bones and testing movement in Blender to see if the rig and model are properly connected, however, when I click “More model information”, the rigged tag gives me an red x.

Is there a specific procedure that I have to do to change this tag to a green check mark? Will I have to make an animation for Sketchfab to recognize that it’s rigged or is it something that I might have done wrong in Blender?

Model in question.

Picture of model and rig in Blender.



Sorry about that. At the moment, we drop all the bone/rig information if a model is not animated. We’re working to improve this so that even static models that are rigged / have bones will be listed as rigged.

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Oh my, I forgot to respond to this. Thank you for the information!


We’re planning to update this behavior to recognize rigs even if the model isn’t animated, hopefully this can go out within a few weeks.