Model Uploaded From Blender Lacks Rig Check Mark


(Black Fluffalo) #1

This is my first day on this website so please bear with me. I uploaded my model today after rigging it with bones and testing movement in Blender to see if the rig and model are properly connected, however, when I click “More model information”, the rigged tag gives me an red x.

Is there a specific procedure that I have to do to change this tag to a green check mark? Will I have to make an animation for Sketchfab to recognize that it’s rigged or is it something that I might have done wrong in Blender?

Model in question.

Picture of model and rig in Blender.



Sorry about that. At the moment, we drop all the bone/rig information if a model is not animated. We’re working to improve this so that even static models that are rigged / have bones will be listed as rigged.