Model viewer/Browser issue with waccom tablet

(Phantom Fox) #1

Not sure if its just me or if this is a new problem.
Recently updated windows 10 and everything works fine except when using sketchfab website on windows edge.

Problem: I use my wacom tablet (bamboo tablet) all the time even when just browsing online. Up until the latest windows 10 update everything has been working fine for me.
But now when I try to rotate models and move lighting around it doesn't seem to respond very much. Instead it tires to scroll the webpages scrolling bar instead of interacting with the models window I'm trying to interact with.
It somewhat works on google chrome but there are some issues there too.

I guess I could just use the laptops touchpad but I am so use to using my wacom at this stage that using the laptops touchpad is so annoying and slow.

Thanks for any help with this.


Hmm weird. Are you able to get a screen recording of that behavior?

(Phantom Fox) #3

After doing my regular day to day laptop work, I have figured out its not only relevant to sketchfab website but also some issues when just doing common things such as dragging files to different folders ect, it will try to scroll down and up instead.
I have reinstalled the waccom driver but still no use.

I have however found a slightly awkward work around.
I can change settings to work in "mouse mode" which allows me to use sketchfab and drag and drop files and other such things without the scrolling problem.

Its not ideal as it responds differently to pen mode and requires a bit more work to navigate this way, but until I find another solution this should work for now.

If i come across a better solution I will post it here for anyone having similar issues

(Phantom Fox) #4

Just as I wrote that reply I found another setting which completely solves the whole thing >___<
Although its good to know the mouse mode setting is there.

When I go to the mapping option under pen mode you can then deactivate windows ink which seems to be the reason for the whole scrolling problem, amongst others (highlighting sentences, dragging and dropping files ect, ect,).

Hope this helps anyone who may have the same issue.


Nice, glad you found a solution!