Modelling Help Wanted: Lower Poly Model Optimization Needed


Doesn’t seem to be a proper place to put this on these forums, so hopefully no one is annoyed I’m posting here.

I need to lower the poly count on my hockey player model so that it runs on more mobile devices. The clothing is already a good polycount, it’s the skates, gloves, head and helmet that need the work done to them.

Please send me a message if you’re interested in this job and let me know how much you’d like for the work and when you think you can finish the work by. Thanks!

(Shaderbytes) #2

Truthfully the topology on those mentioned items is not high poly already. Sure you can shave a little bit off here and there but the reduction will not be significant, well not without loss. Any reduction that is significant will come with a trade off of losing visual quality… sketchfab’s stats reveal the model is only 44k poly’s. This is not bad.

To sum it up , major reduction is possible, just dont expect the model to look exactly the same level of quality if you take that route. So only minor reduction is possible without too much trade off.

(actually you could probably shave off more from the areas you mentioned dont need work :wink: )

(Davidrfloyd) #3

Revised my reply totally. Okay, the helmet could be tricky. Skates especially could be fixed up, as well as gloves. Probably have to completely remodel the helmet and omit detail to lower the count significantly… Do you have a total poly budget you want him to get under?


Hey guys, thanks for your replies to this. I’ve been slammed with other priorities this week…

In terms of total poly budget, I don’t have a specific target. Just trying to minimize/optimize as much as possible within reason and not taking that much of a quality hit.

I have memory crash issues and the model runs like crap on a lot of lower end, yet still “flagship” new android phones that people expect to be really awesome.

(Yannick Deharo) #5

Hi @jersied,
The poly-count could be reduced a lot by the help of normal maps but the silhouette will never be as rich as now. So it depends on what you want to do with your character. He just has to be displayed still, as here, or he has to be animated in a mobile video-game (for example)? If it’s for a video-game what can be the maximum size (in pixels) he can takes on the screen ? Because if it is a tiny 100px hockey player you obviously have to reduce the poly-count. Will he be alone or among a team in a 3D rendered arena ?

You talked about memory crashes. Could the problem come from elsewhere than the poly-count ? The size of the maps for example could be reduced by the help of the symmetry. The devices could be too old ?

Have you an example of a character with the poly-count level you target ?



  • My model is used full screen on PC and mobile to show off my hockey jerseys:
  • The crashes are definitely memory related. My texture editor takes up RAM and the constant insertion of new textures is a problem as the RAM doesn’t seem to get flushed on mobile devices.


@shaderbytes check it out, I got a game developer that has done some stuff for NFL sports games to revamp my model. Cost me a tonne, but it looks way better and runs significantly better on lower end mobile devices. Down to 17k vertices (down from 44k).

(Shaderbytes) #8

You mean polys (triangles in most cases ) hahaha , not vertices. Your vertices count is quite low , only 9k

Anyway it looks fantastic , worth the spend to get a top pro to do it :wink: over 50% reduction is very good , it will obviously run way better.

Memory on mobile for textures wont be affected by this enhancement sadly. Only your load times will be better and of coarse better performance when interacting with the scene. I have my own issues with mobile and memory for texture type configurators - mostly apple , because they dont have a GC (garbage collector) android does so it doesnt suffer the same issues as apple devices.


I’m such a luddite! Always screwing up the basics! :slight_smile: