Modelling my car : VW Polo 2003 Model


(Phaedrus) #1

This is another W.I.P piece, I have been working on this one for a few weeks now. I will be getting rid of my first car soon, I have had it for a while and I wanted to do a piece to remember it by. The best way to do this I decided, would be to make an accurate (as best as I can) replica of the car. I plan to model the exterior and most of the interior including the boot of the car.

My car has a large dent in the drivers side, I plan to model this as well.

I started with some reference imagery and after a few weeks of modeling on and off I’ve got some base work to show. I have included some photos of my car and some examples of the model so far.

(Shaderbytes) #2

topology is not your strong point… yet :wink:

A good way to learn is to actually learn to do sub d modeling. some creating your shapes at a even more basic level preserving the notion of quads only , then add a sub d modifier and inspec how the geometry is mutated and doubled etc… this is the best way to learn , and to look at heaps of other peoples work. Im still learning more and more and with real time display as the target you do make a few triangles here and there to reduce the poly count , but no big or long triangles , they need to as small as possible.

anyway here is an example of a car i did using a sub d approach :

Adding a sub d modifier is also a good way to test geometry because it is unforgiving in regards to bad topology.

(Shaderbytes) #3

here is another example :

(Phaedrus) #4

Hiya :slight_smile: Your work is incredible, I have only worked on a few veichles before myself, my plan at the moment is to get a block out of the interior. Once I am happy with the block out I plan to return to all of the geometry, currently I am working on getting it all into place.

What would you recommend as a decent poly count for this car as a video game asset, including interior?

(Shaderbytes) #5

This is not a direct answer because video games, any real time renderer in general ( not sketchfab yet ) uses LOD ( Level of detail ) So every asset , not a background asset, that has the possibility to be close and far from the camera at different moments in the game has multiple versions of geometry. So if a asset is very close to the camera they load a high poly count version of the asset , LOD 0 , as it moves further away they load the assets with less geometry. Sometimes such assets are all tailor made but many times they use software to create the LOD versions , stuff like simplygon or in house systems. I dont know the exact numbers but im pretty sure the LOD 0 , or highest poly version would be quite heavy 200-300k maybe?

Anyway as a artist whether you are doing cg models or video or image design you always do your work at the top most quality. This is your “master” file. As it is easy to then create the lower versions ( as mentioned this is sometimes even automated ) If you work on the low res version first then it is not possible to up res your stuff if needed in a easy manner, or not at all. Think of images and videos… you can downscale and not lose quality … but you cant upscale without quality loss.

Anyway I fully understand your workflow , i too also create a initial version to block out shapes etc , and then do the body again afterwards.

looking forward to some more progress.