Models being taken without consent

3d models are being taken from this site and posted on

I came across this site and seen many models that were posted by myself and those i follow. Ive since deleted the models that were taken from me.

It doesnt matter if the model posted is free or not…its been taken and posted on that 3d ripper site.

I have notified my followers of this violation. Now im curious as to what Sketchfab is gonna do about this.

If you notice your work posted somewhere without your consent, you can look into filing a DMCA takedown notice to get it removed.

Here on Sketchfab, we do our best to protect your work - you can read more about the measures that we take here:

Same here.
Found some of my models on this website as well.
They didn’t even change the description of the model and i see my text i put under my work.
That’s such a bold move.
I can not believe it.

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