Models dont show up in VR mode on iPhone 5

(Jvouillon) #1

Hi, I have noticed that when I switch to VR mode (on my iPhone 5s) I can see the Sketchfab stylized environment but the models no more... even if I can see the models in VR individually... Did I miss something? Thank you.

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

Hello, by "switch to VR mode", you mean when you click on the orange "view in vr" button when you are lookin a list of models, right?
If so, it's a known limitation. We have technical issues to render the ui on safari, this will only be available through the upcoming ios application.

If I didn't get what you meant, could you please elaborate?

(Jvouillon) #3

Hi Rémy, thanks for your response. Yes that is exactly what I meant. :slight_smile:
I asked, because the VR mode was working fine weeks ago.

(Rémy Bouquet) #4

Well, we changed the technology we use to display UIs in VR. The new one fixes a lot of issues that the previous one had... but has the obnoxious draw back of not working on safari, because of a decade old safari issue.
It's been decided to keep it anyway and to offer this feature on the ios Application as it will be the preferred way to use sketchfab on mobile phones.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

(Moliorarchitects) #5

So can i open the models i have made in the app? At the moment i dont see this option just selected models

(Lettucehead) #6

did u try the app or still safari or what
curious if still a prob