Models downloaded with "original format (fbx)" seem to be empty

Hi, I got contacted by an user that he received seemingly empty fbx when downloading one of my models using “original format (fbx)”. This is the model: Banner - Download Free 3D model by plasmaernst (@plasmaernst) [10c5c45] - Sketchfab
I tried this myself with the same outcome. The browser I used is chrome, the original fbx was exported with blender and I imported the downloaded file into blender. The model has an armature with animation. I could successfully download some other unanimated model, with some other animated model I had the same issue (seemingly empty fbx).
Is this a known issue? Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

The download seems to work fine for me, here it is in 3DCoat:

But when trying to open it Blender throws an error. Did you upload your file from Blender using the Sketchfab plugin or export it and upload it separately?

Thanks for looking into it. I exported the fbx from Blender and then uploaded it to Sketchfab, without using the plugin.

If you export it from Blender as FBX, does that file then open in Blender without any issues?

The original format download from Sketchfab should be exactly what was uploaded, so it would be a little unusual for the FBX to open in Blender before uploading, but then not work after downloading :thinking:

I just made a test re-exporting the banner as fbx and uploaded to Sketchfab as a new file. I can open both, the original and the download file, in Blender. Also replaced the original asset and it works there as well.

Did another test with with fountain - here the original fbx is empty!
Considering this, I have to assume the original fbx are the issue :skull_and_crossbones:
I rarely checked the fbx files before uploading to sketchfab :joy:

What’s puzzling to me is why sometimes it’s works, other times not. I will look into this more. Thanks for the help

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Happy to help, and glad you got things working :+1: :nerd_face: :+1:

In all likely hood, it’ll be some FBX option that Blender happily exports with, but has an issue when importing.