Models flagged as Disabled

(Ettienne) #1

Hi Folks,

Previously posted this in the Lounge section as I’m not entirely sure what is causing this or what to make of this, whether it is a bug or something else all together. Did some digging and couldn’t find any topics regarding this.

A few days ago I noticed something strange on my list of models on my account, some of my models have been flagged as “Disabled Model” with the preview being monochrome. I can’t seem to edit the model’s settings, access them or do anything with them, and several random models have been disabled. Such as the BMW Z4, the Warfactory, Unusual Gem, and a few others.

Another user reported that they couldn’t see the models on my profile as visitors. While I can see the models, I can’t do anything other than delete the models. :confused:

I’ve decided to remove them as I cannot do anything else with them.

Thread can be closed. (Apologies admin)


If you visit a model page, it should tell you what features are causing it to be disabled.

You should have received several emails about this, and you can read more here: