Models getting stolen from sketchfab?

(Tomislavveg) #1

I just finished my latest 3D model and published it on CG Trader. I found i was unable to place 3D viewer link on model description, which i was use to do... Then i browsed the forums and i found thread where people from CG Trader say it is possible to steal models from sketchfab (even without permission to download), so they disabled possiblity of adding 3D viewer. Then i googled it, and found various threads
in which people ask and get explanations on how to steal models from sketchfab, as if that is common thing.. This thread for example:
If true, this is serious problem for me, and i'm even considering removing all models from sketchfab.

(Shaderbytes) #2

sketchfab does do obfuscation of data but so long as it runs on a machine namely a computer where data is sent between i the gpu and cpu .. it can be ripped. People even rip models directly from compiled games while they are running. Im sure sketchfab will continue to improve their obfuscation, but remember to those who want to steal they can do it on any platform. This is the world we live in today sadly. your stuff will get stolen anywhere you publish it.


We implement several techniques to make ripping more difficult, we invalidate new rippers as soon as we can, and we actively follow many forum conversations like the one you shared.