Models keep moving

(Hfenton) #1

When moving a model by mouse why does the model have to keep moving when you release the mouse buttons and stop moving the mouse.

How do you stop models moving i've tried clicking the mouse button doing different movements everything just keeps moving making the navigation of models rather difficult both in the viewer and 3d settings.


There is usually only minimal easing on camera animations when navigating the viewer. It should stop rotating/zooming almost immediately.

You can force the model to stop moving by clicking (and/or holding) the mouse without moving.

If you're seeing uncontrollable movement, it could indicate a bug or some other issue with your input device.

Does it happen on every model you try? What browser and OS are you using? Could you post a video/screen capture of the problem?

This is the expected behavior:

(Hfenton) #3

Using Firefox 41.0.2 on Windows Vista 64, nvidia gtx 550ti 2gb driver 350.12.

The problem is with most models to a varying degree, although my recent upload of channerwick broch is a particulary bad example where the model continues to move for upto 6 seconds after the mouse is stopped and buttons are released. clicking can stop the movement but then is sometimes stops while the mouse button is held then continues in the direction it was going at a slower rate. The problem is worst when editing 3d settings.

Until recently I got your expected behavior all the time. I've tried recording a video of the screen but have been unsucessful thus far.

I have tried a different mouse and still have the same issue.

Channerwick broch

(Thirteeenth) #4

I think I may have the same problem.
After the viewer loads, the camera keeps rotating clockwise upwards and it can't be stopped unless you switch from orbit to first person camera mode.
It's possible to click and turn the camera manually but it resumes rotation on it's own after letting go.

Didn't have any problems up until now.
I use Firefox 41.0.2 on Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Seems to happen every other time I load a model.


Do you have a game pad or similar device plugged in?

(Thirteeenth) #6

Yes. Thank you, unplugging the controller did the trick.


Cool. We have a (kind of) fix coming for this soon. We'll just disable all gamepads on the site until we can properly handle them:

(Hfenton) #8

I only have a keyboard and mouse plugged in , the model will stop moving just not where you wanted or expected to.


Hmm ok. Could you show me the Console Log so I check for anything suspicious?

(Hfenton) #10

here is the console log. and hopefully a video show the problem in 3D settings and later in video the normal viewer.


Thanks for the log and video. I don't see anything out of the ordinary there, although that model's bounding box is a bit wonky, which causes it to swing around quite quickly sometimes.

Did you know you can double-click anywhere on a model to center the camera there, and double-click anywhere on the background to recenter the model?