Models mixed in Categories

(Aerographstudio) #1


I would like to suggest to the staff that they study how the models do not appear so mixed in the categories. It is something that many of my clients have told me when they search Cultural Heritage or Architecture. I think it should be monitored somehow because we all tend to label the models in many categories, to the detriment of the interests of the visitors.



(Moroplogo) #2

I agree with you but it is a big problem for sketchfab ( or anyone else ! ) to choice a good solution for this kind of problem.
One of possibilities might be to create sub-menus.
Actually a good way is to create his own collections ( as you already do) and " disseminate " them.

(Bart) #3

Yes I agree, it's hard to get people to use the correct categories. I'm actively moderating the popular galleries on a daily basis and we're re-examining our categories and their documentation to make them easier to use.

(Aerographstudio) #4

Thanks Bart for your reply. It is difficult but I think the only solution is to take away some of the freedom when we label the models in categories, limiting the choice to one or two to prevent a model from appearing in an inappropriate category. The point is that when an archaeologist or an architect or a videogame designer (for example) visit sketchfab only the models that interest him will be shown. From my professional experience I think that rigor is important, otherwise visitors may end up thinking that Sketchfab is not a serious 3D design network.



(Bart) #5

I completely agree!