Models not loading at all ( Worked just fine yesterday and before )


(Zendiv) #1

Models are not loading ( both mine and others ). I think it is a bug

(Paul Sketch) #2

Weren'te any browser update nor sketchfab site update.

Possible you changed something on your side (drivers, browser extesions, etc) ?

Just in case, can you complete bug report with the OS (windows/mac/linux), Browser name &version, and a screenshot of on that browser ?

( double check )

(Zendiv) #3

Here is thewebglreport screen shot ^

There were no changes that i am aware of. ( It dosent work on edge as well ).

And I dont understand what you mean by the

(Paul Sketch) #4

As it works here, we need to pinpoint the same condition (OS , browser etc) so that we can hope to try reproduce the bug.

(Zendiv) #5

Haha im sorry I dont how how to complete the bug report ( Sorry if im being simple ) can you tell me the steps

(Dark Minaz) #6

Write what you use of the following:

os - Windows 7/8 /8.1 /10 / Mac / Linux
browser - Opera / Crome / Firefox / Internet explorer / safari / edge
additional infos: internet company / location + speed

According to your screenshots it looks like the images on the right also won't really load. Whenever i have something like that it's often that my internet is at fault and a simple reset often fixes it.

(Paul Sketch) #7

Sorry it's me, I shouldn't have use acronyms.

Just need you to post here more info on the software you use to browse sketchfab:
- OS operating system: either Microsoft Windows, apple macOSX, or Linux
- browser: either Chrome, Firefox or Edge (or other like Chromium or Opera). if it's broken everywhere you test, then all tested browser

Check also website to be sure 3D render works, (that webpage must have a "spinning cube" in 3D.)

(Zendiv) #8

Ohh I'm very sorry

OS : Windows
Browser - Chrome as well as microsoft edge
My internet speed is 1mbps xD

The Rotating cube works in the link u sent
Other sites like you tube and such works perfectly.

(Zendiv) #9

I dont know if this helps but I just tried accessing sketchfab with my phone with the chrome app and it worked just fine on the phone, I will try restarting the pc

(Zendiv) #10

its Working now after trying it the next day, weird