Models not loading (used to load before)

(Dronedirector) #1

None of my models will load but they did a few days ago when I last tried them.
I have done nothing to change it from working to not working, done no changes at all.

So I guess I am reporting a bug.
Tested with FireFox, Microsoft Edge and on Ipad.

One of my models:

(Dronedirector) #2

I would like to add that it loads fine in the 3D Settings editor, but not for public view.

(Tribble42) #3


Indeed you are reporting a bug! I fixed this model above, we're shipping today (very soon actually) a fix for all models impacted.
In the meantime if you have a model really urgent to fix, "save settings" from the editor will "clear" your model.



(Tribble42) #4

@dronedirector every model impacted should now be fixed, sorry for the disagreement !

(Dronedirector) #5

Thanks, good support :slight_smile: