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Models popping in and out of scene


(Atodd19) #1

Having a bit of a problem with my model "popping" in and out of my scene. It's posted here and if you rotate the model up and down you can see what I'm talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

(Stephomi) #2

Unfortunately, this is the typical case where our transparency system will work poorly (2 transparents with one inside the another), the current workaround are :
- in the skfb editor, select "single sided material" for the outer shell (to be honest, it exploits a minor bug in our rendering system but in your case it will fix your issue)
- separates the spheres into several geomtries/patches (~10 patches?), I didn't try it might reduce the popping
- just use one sphere, or make the inner shell opaque

Maybe one day we'll have an order-independent system (simple additive blending can do the trick sometimes).