Models Shaking when moving camera

(Edsahergom) #1

Hello Sketchfab,

After the platform went down last week, models have been shaking when I am orbiting or panning. It also gets completely black the screen and then it goes normal when I move the camera again. It is all the models and in all parts so when I am editing in Skethfab or in embedded models, etc.

Any ideas what is the problem.


(Bart) #2

Can you provide some URLs of models where this happens? Also, which browser and operating system are you using?


(Edsahergom) #3

Hello Bart,

It seemed to had been something related to my browser. I tested it in my cellphone and it goes smoothly.


(Bart) #4

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: And thanks for letting us know. :+1: