Models/ This Week

(Fat Of The Land) #1

Models featured in the Explore section that is by default set on ‘This Week’ should be featured not by the moment of their inception(which happen to be private most of the time) but by the moment they go public.

My latest model happened to be private for about a week before going public…and when it did it was never featured in This Week section. I assume all the models have a 1 week cooldown from the moment of their inception.

This is a design flaw and really needs to be addressed.

(Bart) #2

We base ourselves on the published date, so the user can leave the model in draft until he is happy about it. If we allowed users to go private/public and be shown on the popular page, people could control what was shown in the page by setting the model to private and back to public again.

(Fat Of The Land) #3

What if a user wants to share his work with his friends prior to the public release? Should we all make new scenes for the public release each time so we get our models a fair exposure on the Popular page?

(Bart) #4

You can share a draft model with friends too, but they’ll need to be signed in to Sketchfab. We have no plans to change the publication date as you describe.

(Fat Of The Land) #5

Cool man…it makes sense now.