Models uploaded with itseez3D are not downloadable

(Timeless3d) #1

I noticed this issue recently. It is especially bothersome since, their export to email option is not working properly. Can this be fixed?

(Lapin) #2

james Support

"Are you using itSeez3D? That's a change to the pricing structure on their end, it has nothing to do with us except that you cannot enable download on non-paid itSeez3D models anymore."

(Timeless3d) #3

Hmm they don't allow export via email or Sketchfab until you pay for it. I just double checked my bank account and these models have been paid for.

(Timeless3d) #4

Have there been any models uploaded to sketchfab through Itseez3d that have been successfully made available for download in the last month?

That company has skrewed up a lot recently, If 3d scans that have been paid for can't be downloaded through sketchfab, I recommend to stop supporting them.

This is especially frustrating because I made some of these scans when the app was free, and they suddenly decided to charge $7 per export. So I'm coming to realize I still don't have access to my work even after I've paid for them.


We're actively discussing this with the itseez3d team. The plan is to offer free, non-downloadable uploads to Sketchfab for previewing purposes, while paid/processed models will be downloadable (if desired) on Sketchfab.