Models uploading without colour


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First time user here,

I've been trying to upload models I've scanned through Autodesk 123D Catch, and they don't seem to be uploading with any colour (completely white)

I've uploaded the complete ZIP file with the OBJ and MTL and textures, does anyone know how I could fix this?

I've included the link below:

Many thanks!



Welcome to Sketchfab! Looks like you uploaded an STL file along with the the OBJ and textures. This file was found first in the directory, so it was the one we processed. STL does not support texture mapping.

You should remove all the extra files from the directory:



If you want those extra files in there for some reason (e.g. archival purposes), try nesting them in their own directory or ZIP them inside the main directory.


(Yedo237) #4

Ah thanks very much for the tips + the demo model!

I will upload future models without the extra files.