Models uploading without texture and color etc

(Goodrones) #1

Hi all,

Have been trying to upload my models but they show up without colors and texture. They look fine when I create them at Agisoft though. Tried different formats too. it did not help.
I also downloaded random 3D models from internet though there was issues with my models from Agisoft but even that did not help.
Here are the models:
Looking forward to your reponse,


(Mrchlblng) #2

hey @goodrones,

this is a very frequent issue mentioned on this forum.
You need to upload both the OBJ file and the MTL file (describing the materials i.e. which texture or color to apply in the rendering channels) and the texture files.
For, you only uploaded an OBJ.
Note that you could now go in our editor, upload the texture and bind it manually but it could look a bit cumbersome especially for scanned models which should render just fine when you upload the full package on sketchfab.

You may find more details in our Help Center: