Model's won't add to collection, always loading

Hello everyone, I’m running into an issue where when I add a model to a collection it’s always loading and won’t actually add to the collection. Sometimes it works if I just keep trying after closing the add to collection pop up. Most of the time I have to wait multiple hours to come back and it will still happen after a couple of adds. Even restarting my computer/browser doesn’t help. I also wait for the model to fully load before trying to add them to the collection. Does anyone have any insight on how to fix this?

Thanks, I really appreciate your time!

Hi @chinchillaturtle and welcome to the forum!

Please can you share some more information about your experience?

  • What browser and OS are you using?
  • what model and collection are you referring to?
  • Have you tried clearing your browser cache and attempting to add the model to the collection again?


Hello! Goggle chrome and Windows 10
its all models to and collections that I’ve made
I’ve found that waiting 7-8 seconds after clicking add to before adding to one of my collections works and I have to close the add to pop up and go through the process again if I want to add to multiple collections without it getting stuck like that.

I might try the browser cache thing in the future to see if that allows me to add quicker, thanks!

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