Models won't import to blender

Kely standing.obj (263.9 KB)

I have embedded one of my WoW based character models and it says mine are not supported for blender but they worked two months ago, so I’m not sure why they won’t work would anyone care to help me solve this? because my WoW modelviewer quit working and I’m trying to deal with that but I have everything for the first episode of my series done except for the lip syncing so I’m hoping to at least get that done until WoW modelviewer is available, thank you for your time. Any help is appreciated :smiley: -Will

Gathir base model.3mf (83.1 KB)

The .obj file imports fine for me (blender version 2.78c), its just very large, so press shift + c to find it.

The .3mf file isn’t supported in blender and needs to be converted to something blender understands. I did this using Microsofts “3D Builder” a standard program on windows 10 machines. Simply opened the 3mf file in 3D builder, changed the scale to meters instead of millimeters, saved it as an obj or stl, and it imports fine in blender

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Did you have any issue applying the texture?