Model's worsening from Photoscan to Sketchfab


(Argali) #1

Hi everybody!
I use normally Photoscan to take 3d models of things. Last time I uploaded a model to Sketchfab it was poor of details and worsened, but in Photoscan it was good and clear. What could I do about this problem?



Maybe you could generate a larger texture, like 8192 instead of 4096?

I'm not sure what would cause a difference.

@abbyec or @gerpho any advice?

(Gerpho) #3


Difficult to say without more details, and I'm not familiar with photoscan paramters ;
increase texture quality at export would be the way to go IMO. What model is it ? can we (privately) download it to have a look at the file structute ? Did you upload directly from photoscan or did you export to your computer, then upload the zip bundle to sketchfab ?

(Abby Crawford) #4

I agree with @gerpho - more model details are needed before anything can be said with certainty. It could also be a 3D settings issue (lit vs. shadeless, sharpness level, etc.).

(Argali) #5

Thank you to everyone! I solved the problem. I set the sharpness button "On", so I had again details and clarity. The model that made me trouble is the "Anfiteatro di Milano". Now it is ok. Thank you again :wink: