Moderation policy

I had a recent 3d model deleted from Sketchfab with the generic email regarding ‘pornographic, dehumanizing, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, or illegal’ content…

I would like to know if only the actual uploaded content is considered in order to reach the decision of censorship or does the staff goes sniffing around other social media in order to determine the elimination of content based on the creator internet presence (like Patreon is doing).

I consider my model mildly sexually suggestive, since it depicts the female form and tight clothing which some people have a fetish for. But then again, some people have sexual attraction to feet, baloons, specific uniforms, plants…

I didn`t even felt the need to mark it as NFSW since it shows 0% skin, the character is completely covered, there is nothing blatantly sexual about it except for the type of the material of the clothing.

Here`s a screenshot of the model


I would like to know if I reupload this model with the NFSW checked will it just get deleted again or is it permissible? From what I’ve read from the official guidelines and forum discussions, the rules are absolutely vague. I’ve seen models way more sexually suggestive being present with no problems, some of them being staff picks even. Maybe I should just add some random nonsense to the model like a weapon or something, to throw the puritans off their scent.

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Indeed I’ve already seen significantly more suggestive if not considerably erotic models, some being staff Picks, others uploaded years ago and attracting quite some site traffic .