Molly and Sam's Love nest anybody?


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yep, you guess right, Ghost(1990) I love sci-fi and all the marvel hits too!! but Isn't it cool to see a romantic classic here? i have model the loft/studio in blender. Now in the progress of modeling all the furnitures and deco pieces!! More update this way comes!!

I do need a bit help on the record player!! anybody have a clue what model or brandname it is?

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they say its for sale, but its only one storey, and looks so different...

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"The interior of Molly and Sam's finished loft apartment was actually the home/studio of artist-sculptor Michele Oka Doner, located in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan."

from `IMDB

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IMDB is wrong!!


aha an interview with the sculptor, the movie was shot in a set which is reproduction off the exact floor plan of her loft!! What a stylish place!! and fitting for Molly's Persona...


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A classic movie! Love it, can't wait to see where you go with this!