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Monkeys mob for game project


(Sensationalgames) #1

Hi guys! I'm creating new mobs for our game project:
3 new monkeys that lives in the forest.
For this paint I've used this image from google:

then I've decided to create 3 different monkeys:

  • Shaman monkey
  • Warrior monkey
  • Archer monkey

This is a simple sketch:

(sorry for bad draw, I'm not able with 2d draw :confused: )

now I will start to model 3d body of monkey in Blender

(Sensationalgames) #2

work in progress...

(Sensationalgames) #3

Rigging done!!

(Sensationalgames) #4

Animations done:

Monkey NO TEXTURE by Sensational Games on Sketchfab


(Sensationalgames) #5

texturing the shaman monkey on Substance Painter!!

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #6

You need to work on mesh topology now this is very good base for sculpting but not so good for game :wink:

(Sensationalgames) #7

well...this model has only:
6.8k faces
6.8k vertices

do you think that's better to retopology it? :confused:

(Blackhart) #8

Everything is going to depend on the kind of game you're making and how close you intend to get to the model, but in general, I'd agree that it probably needs some re-topo to reduce that poly count. It looks pretty good, but it looks like there's a lot of wasted extra geometry in the legs, arms, the tail especially... If this was a AAA first person shooter, I'd tell you that character models should be from 5-10k polygons running on modern hardware. For a little monkey, I'd say you'd probably want to be aiming closer to 2-4k if you intend to get close to them.

(Sensationalgames) #9

@Blackhart and @KrzysztofZwolinski
thanks...probably I will reduce polygons!! :smiley:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #10

My main concern is rigging, without proper topology you cant achieve good results special in characters like that. Now after Uncharted franchise, character need to have at least 50-100 animated poses (idle 1, idle2 ..., dancing etc) with this mesh you will have problems. In Uncharted3 main character have 200 of them !!
About poly count I agree with @Blackhart in some game main character have 5-10k but in some 20-35k like Last of Us, Uncharted 4. In some games car models have 3-5k but in Forza and GT6 those models are crazy and have 1,5-2,5 millions of poly.

edit: Main character in AAA games : Second Son "120K Polygons" and Ryse "85K", The order 1886: "100K"

(Sensationalgames) #11

that's true...I start saying that I'm 19 years old and all that I've learned is online, with many tutorials...
I'm using Blender by 4 years and this is my first project with 2 my friends...I'm sure that this videogame will not sell so much like as Last of Us, Uncharted and many other famous games.
For me this is a "start" of my possible career, I know that now I'm only a "noob".
So thank you for your advice, but for now I'm sure that my results couldn't be really fantastic like as the best games.
This is all!! :pensive:

(Sensationalgames) #12

For shaman monkey I need to create a skull I created three possible masks.
Which do you prefer?? :grinning:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #13

The 1 one :wink:.

About mesh better is making something small but good, than MMO with bad models :wink:
And If you really want to learn and work in this CG world there is no better start so maybe spare one more day to make some correction in the mesh learn something about topology . One day is really nothing :wink: and topology is simply putting edges in places where you need them not randomly.
You can find good reference in here Chimpanzee by MotionCow ofcourse this is Hipoly model but you see the topology flow.

(Sensationalgames) #14

ok thanks!! so, when I have time I retry to retopology it.
sorry, in these days I'm really occupied with school... :frowning:
For you, for the shaman monkey skull mask, how many polygons can I do??

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #15

Make so many as you need to keep the silhouette of the Hipoly model. Good news is that this model is a static mask so no animation ergo you can let go topology :wink:.

(Sensationalgames) #16

this is the there are only 118 faces...what do you think about it?

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #17

I do not see the wire but looks good, texture do the rest :wink:

(Sensationalgames) #18

for you it's ok if I do teeth in 2d or it's better do they in 3d??

(Sensationalgames) #19

here you can see the wire.

Sorry but I'm using mirror tool :wink:

(Sensationalgames) #20

retopology in progress...