Monthly upload limit for basic plan increased to 10 but I'm still stuck at 1?

Haven’t visited the site for a while and noticed that they apparently increased the upload limit of the basic plan to 10/ month, however I’m still stuck at 1 credit left.

I suppose the credits haven’t reset yet cause I didn’t visit the site before the usual reset date?
The credits will reset to the full 10 on August 15? won’t they??

By the way, since I got confused while typing this post, I even double checked the explanation of the limits on the Help Center, it in Fact says " 10 uploads credits per month"

EDIT: sorry if this post belongs to the Support category or so.

Same on my account. It only says I have 1 upload credit this month. Can someone confirm if accounts are still in the process of being migrated over to the new “Plus” plan limits? I even checked my account settings, and it says I have the “Plus” plan. But only 1 upload credit.

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Hi, same thing here. I uploaded a model this month, before the upload limit was increased, and I’m still stuck at 0 upload credit. Shouldn’t it be 9 now?

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Hey everyone! Sorry about that - we increased the plans but not all credits were updated. We’re working on a fix and I’ll report back here when you have all received your credits.


Speaking of the “Plus” plan, what’s that actually all about???

thanks to the Team for the quick fix and generally raising the limit!

All Pro plan credits have been updated, and we’re now working through the Basic plans - this will take a few days to complete :sweat_smile:


Thanks the Team, good news, Work in Progress . :+1: