More adjustment tools?


(Bob Danforth) #1

I have noticed when I upload that there are many small issues of scale and textures, that can cause a lot of re-uploading. A texture needs to be ,96 to one but goes in at one to one, or the z value needs to be a bit different. sometimes an object is a hair out of place. It would save a lot of Re-uploading if those minor repairs were available. .

(Shaderbytes) #2

well for textures you should be using power of 2 sizing. (16x16 , 32x32 , 64x64 , 128x128 , 256x256 , 512x512 .. etc) Graphics hardware works best with these sizes and non power of two textures are normally forced to this size internally before being used in most cg tools and game engines.

(Bob Danforth) #3

The issue is that matching the texture to the landscape is tricky. they are usually 28x28 faces (when sculpty) with a face for the side and a face for the bottom (each side) making it 32 or 1024 overall. the texture is 1024x1024 with a border to match the side and bottom faces, done perfectly the scale is one-to one, but as it needs to be eyeballed, it rarely is and needs to be scaled a few tenths of percent to land perfectly on that edge between side and top faces. Fitting a mesh that is higher poly, but still has a single face on the side and on the bottom is even harder to get accurate.

(Shaderbytes) #4

Its difficult to visualize your explanation , could you upload an example?

(Bob Danforth) #5

This is the basic case as the dark brown border should be at the corner edges and the rest expanded so the the mountain ridges fall at the mountain ridges. In the normal course of things a scaling of ,8 or point 0.85 on x and y in that texture and it would fit perfectly on the mountain ridges as well as the corners. instead I trim it in Irfanview and reupload it several times till it fits.

As noted the percentages are different for different size meshes as the sides and bottom ring of faces are one face each to provide visual closure even though they are not seen much in use.

I also have usually many different color schemes that all are interchangeable as they fit to one another as you can see in the ones for sale in Kitely
This is what that Rift valley landscape was like as it left Blender

Edit - I am reworking and re-uploading these two files of the Rift Valley, and Meteor Crater before upload so they wll hopefully both look better now.

(Shaderbytes) #6

OK Im not so sure where you feel sketchfab is creating an error unless I could see the UV layout. I thought you are discussing very small precision errors but from the model and your description this is hard to believe that sketchfab is causing such a big discrepancy. I would think there was an error made when doing the projection mapping for this models UV in the authoring tools.

Could you take a screen shot of your model being displayed without these errors you describe in another 3d application ?

Could you make the model downloadable or if it is premium content you can send me a direct message with the link to download so I can have a look at the UV map layout?

(Bob Danforth) #7

Sketchfab is not creating the problem but has no ability to manage one that arrives in the upload. The UV on all these are very simple in UV layout being a simple folded plane both in creation and UV. That was the genius of the original sculpted prim idea that the texture could be 3d geometric data as well, so there is one texture with that rainbow look that translates to the 3d points and the matching color texture with the same UV.

All these landscapes are simple z displacement of a simple grid without topology beyond that folded stretchy plane.This can be easily seen by turning wireframe on as I have done but cannot see here. This after much else is the image that is the only image that would be used.

The ability to scaleall or part to different x,y,z and well as the u and v would be very useful..