More Camera Settings


I use Sketchfab and P3D to display 3D models on my site for artistic reference and have been getting consistent audience requests to make improvements on the Sketchfab default camera. Specifically, I would like to get a fully rotatable camera like P3D has. Right now if I angle a Sketchfab model up or down it hits a kind of floor or ceiling that stops it from continuing. For a better demonstration, here’s a P3D model with full camera rotations:

And here’s a Sketchfab model with the limited camera: Pectoralis Major - 3D model by proko (@proko) - Sketchfab

You’ll notice that the camera will never let the model be diagonal in Sketchfab as well (doesn’t move on the Y axis I think). Is there any way we can get this kind of free-movement camera in Sketchfab? Or is there a way to achieve this type of rotation that I’m not aware of? Sketchfab is better than P3D in every way but this one.


Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! Locking the Y axis was a very early decision in the design of the viewer navigation. It’s not likely that we will change that behavior. That said, you should still be able to look at a model from pretty much any side, just not continue rotating past 180° up or down.

Ok, thanks for the heads up.