More Environments

(Ruffy) #1

Will there be more 'Environments' added?
I am using 'studio_mestaty'.
I am a body scanner and it would be nice to add some more environments with higher contrast - stronger backlight, less fill etc.
Is it possible to make our own and upload?

(Bart) #2

Hey @ruffy,

we had a chat with the team and we feel we could be offering more environments. There's no feature planned yet to upload your own, but we could certainly upload some.

So here's a little challenge for you: would you like to head up an activity here on the forum to work with the community and propose a maximum of five new maps that we should add? We'd like to make sure we're actually adding things that people need and besides, this is more fun wink

I can help reach out to the community and with everything else you need.


(Ruffy) #3

Hey Bart,
Well, I am honoured by this offer.
I should point out that I am a bit of a newby to 3D and far from an expert.
All I can do, is my best:)

I thought further about this.
Probably too hard, but is it possible to set up a map with 6 lights, representing each face of a cube and be able to adjust each light individually?


@ruffy not sure about doing that within an environmental lighting setup, but soon we will be releasing a light editor in 3D Settings which will allow you to place and customize individual lights.

(Ruffy) #5

Ahhh - perfect!
I would probably use a plain or fixed background with logo but the use of controllable flights would be a great feature.
This would be better than baking lighting on to the model.

(Shaderbytes) #6

It looks like you guys use maps from the sIBL HDR site .. here are another 3 great ones from that collection I like to use ..


(Bart) #7

Thanks! Could you add links to those images?


All available here:

They should each already be good to add to Sketchfab, if/when we decide to use them.

(Shaderbytes) #9

Yes @james pasted the same link I was going to give you , there are no direct links to each as the thumbs trigger a direct download via javascript.

Go and have a look at these three i mentioned , they really are beautiful.

(Ruffy) #10

As HDR labs freebies are under creative license, you would have to credit their use.
Not sure that Sketchfab would want to do this.


@ruffy all of our environments except @Mestaty 's Studio are from HDR Labs.

(Alexanderesmith) #12

So, I don't know if this would be considered a hack or such, but what's keeping people from uploading their models inside a big sphere with an environment texture applied to it?

I guess another option is to model some environments in-geometry and place the focal object in it. Both of these options raise some questions (Bart?);

  • Can we have an option to have sketchfab cound the polys/verts for a single object, as well as the total scene? (ie, 1000/1500, single object/total). That way the viewer can see the stats for the object we're really showing off, as well as the entire scene.
  • Can we have some default environments that are like, 3d modeled scenes? You could select such a scene, then place your object in it, but the initial scene doesn't need to be uploaded, it's an option you can select, just like how we select the image environments now.
  • It would be great if users could submit uploads as environments that other users could utilize in sketchfab

(Andy lewis) #13

Great points, @alexanderesmith. We've been doing the first thing for a little while, although I'm not sure I've got any uploaded at present.

Your first bulllet-point: You've obviously been doing this longer than me! smiley

Second and third: Fan-bloody-tastic ideas. Makes the mind boggle what the community would be able to come up with!!



(Bart) #14

How do you suggest that would work? Have the user click on a model to see the vertex count? Or label a model as 'do not count'? As a workaround, couldn't you add that info in the model's description too? We rather like keeping things simple here wink

This I really like! We could start this in a 'lightweight' way by offering a library of downloadable models that you can import in your own 3D app, combine with your model and then upload? That way we could see if people actually use such standard scenes before committing any dev time to it. This could be an awesome forum project (hint! wink


Nothing wrong with creating a sphere for your scene, but it won't produce any lighting, as the true Environments do. After we implement Light Editing, I supposed you could fake it.

(Andy lewis) #16

Here's a very rough example we've been working with...

SphereOBJ by wojtekg on Sketchfab

It's far from perfect but considering it didn't cost us a whole lot in DSLR's, special pano rigs, etc, I think it's a good start.

It's the Camden Stables Market in London.