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How to upload other support files?

it would be great if i could upload a unity project file of a blender file as support files next to the model and textures. Maybe in a zip format, or is this possible?


When managing a Store model, you have the option to upload an additional archive of supporting files. This can be extra formats, project files, alternate textures, LOD mesh versions, documentation, etc.

We will automatically parse all the files in this archive and display a list to potential buyers.

For non-Store models (well, actually for Store models, too), you can include any files you want in the original upload, and they will be stored and included for others if you offer download. However, we do not (yet) parse the original upload archive to display extra files. You also need to be careful if you include multiple formats that we support, because we will simply take the first format we find (alphabetically) that we can process and use that one for displaying in the viewer.