Morning, afternoon, evening?


(Steviebuae) #1

Hi support, so I am new to your app and extension user but I am trying to import a model I have saved in Sketchup Pro 2018 and the extension shows up that the file can be uploaded to Sketchfab but it opens up and then stalls at 50%. I have tried for two days now and it just stalls??

Is it the Sketchup Pro 2018 or do I need to be using an earlier version??

Or another option? I saw a conversation that it could work if I save my model as a .dae file?? Do I need to zip them first??

Sorry for all the questions but I really would like to use your features.

Regards Steve.


Hi Steve,

It might be too complex. Are you able to send me the SKP file to take a closer look?

You can also manually export and upload one of our supported formats like OBJ or DAE.