Moulin Rouge - It's her.... the sparkling Diamond

(Stijn Vercruysse) #1

I've decided definitely to do this scene from Moulin Rouge! It's the epic visionary entrance of Satine into the movie :slight_smile:



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Have fun!! I can't wait to see this unfold!

(Stijn Vercruysse) #3

Here you see a basic shaded model of Satine :slight_smile:

From what I learned from my last participation to these contests I mustn't be afraid to keep it simple as long as it is finished (last time: detailed but totally unfinished).
Therefore I will work with this style as you can see above. It's a funny style based on the Pop! dolls. I hope to do the male part this weekend (since all the people are wearing costumes, I'll be able to re-use a lot).

(Stijn Vercruysse) #4

Satinge textured finished.

Tomorrow starting with the male character. This character will supposed to be copied a dozens of times to fill up the room :wink: .

(Stijn Vercruysse) #5

Today I hadn't to do too much stuff (it's monday you know). So here is the male model for in the scene :slight_smile: .
Next thing to do will be detailling with unwrap and textures..

(Stijn Vercruysse) #6

Set starting to get shape :slight_smile:

(Stijn Vercruysse) #7

Putting the male characters crowd on their places. Getting full over here :wink: Next step will be putting Satine, the Duke and Christian etc. at their tables.

(Stijn Vercruysse) #8

And started to exporting it in Sketchfab ^^

(Stijn Vercruysse) #9

So this is what I'll have to hand in for the contest.
The main basic elements and atmosphere is in it, So I'm happy with what I see now.
But it lacks detail and depth, so that will be the next step ^^ .

So feedback and suggestions is still always welcome and appreciated.

Want already to thank @bramvangerrewey for the help of the lighting :wink: .


This is very cute, they look very Funko Pop! Maybe some reflective glitter?