Mouse Events for API


(Robville) #1

I have been building an application for the past few months and I have just resigned myself to the fact that getting a mouse over event to trigger a raytrace and highlight the material hit is a pipe dream. What I am saying is that the ability to build hover states would be exceptional. Exactly as it is in the editor when highlight selectable materials is checked.

(Pierre Savoie) #2

Add my +1 to this feature, any update to the API would be appreciated.

Apparently there is a "undocumented click event" in the API. Maybe it could be a start to what you are looking for.
We would need more info from the developer.

3d space to screen space
(Robville) #3

Yeah I currently use the click event but hoverstates using mouseover and mouseout require a raytrace function which is built and housed in the editor and inspector but not exposed at the local api level. Fortunately my circumstances seem to be working out to where I may be able to use annotations afterall, it just isn't as pretty or intuitive... it is what it is lol.