Move, add, cloning,uv adjustments


(Aliasz) #1

so far sketchfab is an amazing renderer in a webbrowser. but maybe it could do with moving objects arround, or even cloning them, or even add objects too an existing scene. what will save time uploading the whole project again, if there is an fault in converting from a 3d model program.
maybe even uv adjustments. just my ideas.


Thanks for the feedback!

What type of UV adjustments would you like to see? In the future, we may try to implement support for UV offset / scale / rotation, but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

(Aliasz) #3

sometimes with “complex” scenes. you might see later that things are attached as one object.
while you want them too detach them, too give them another material.
Or sometimes you just want to upload, add an object too the scene instead of uploading the whole fbx all together. escpecially if the fbx whole scene is big in data size.
Or the uv tilling isnt just right. maybe add new uwv coordinates depending on size of the object?
or you want too move/delete an object in the scene.

You can go back in to your 3d program and try too fix it.
But maybe a handy feature is to add/replace small fbx objects, so you can prop your scene with objects.
maybe a faster/different workflow, then uploading a big sometimes static fbx.
then go back and forward between the two programs.
because there is a difference how you see the things in your 3d program and in the 3d sketchfab renderer

offcourse these are just suggestions.

(Shaderbytes) #4

it would be nice iv uv sets were attached to objects , not materials. Currently if you say have two objects in a 3d app that have different uv sets but use the same material… when you upload this scene , only one of the uv sets will be used, since uv is not object based but material based, and materials are unique. In other 3d engiines (like blender or Unity ) the UV sets belong to the object not the material