Move Model to a folder

(Drbob) #1

I am sure this is easy to do but I can not seem to move a model to a folder. I have created a new folder and then for the model settings under move I click on the name of the folder and nothing changes.


You did this?

(Drbob) #3

What I am trying to do is move a model from the main area to a folder.
I have not been able to do this.
Could someone please let me know the steps to move a model from one area to a folder or
from one folder to another folder.

Thank you


Sorry for any confusion. That's not how folders work at the moment. In fact, "folder" is not a very good name for it because it (incorrectly) implies a file system.

You can think of it more like a "playlist". Every model is always in the "main area", but it can also be in a folder, or multiple folders.

(Drbob) #5

Thank you for the explanation. It is misleading to have the name folder used.