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Move some objects by the viewer?


(Djtobi93) #1

Hey all :slight_smile:
I have a question.

I am currently making a gun turret which I want to upload
here when it is finished.

I want to ask you, if rotating the turret(z-axis) and rotating the guns (x-axis to move
them up or down) is possible?

I mean, the viewer should be able to do it.
Best Regards,
Tobi :slight_smile:

Btw. I make my models in Blender and my Textures in Quixel.
Don't know if this is important.

(Lord00120) #2

If you've animated your turret in Blender, and export as an FBX file, and you check the "export animations", the animation will play in sketchfabs viewer, more explanation here:
If you're talking about actually controlling, this isn't possible (yet) :smiley:

(Djtobi93) #3

Ah yeah I meant the last one :slight_smile:
Maybe it is possible some later.

Thanks and best Regards :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #4

That is incorrect ,it is possible to translate and rotate objects via the viewer API :slight_smile:

(Lord00120) #5

Ye I know, but thats for the wizards, not us normal users :wink: