Moveable single light-source busts/figures?


(Icrawler) #1

Trying to study human head/figure lighting for art stuff and it seems like most of the models here either have: no light source, i.e., 3D/photo scans; only ambient as moveable; light locked to camera position; or too many making it look washed out and inapplicable for light and form studies.

(by moveable I mean alt-left-click drag.)

Looking for something like these:

(Bart) #2

I depends on how the lights are set up. If you're not the owner you cannot change it.

I'm not sure if this was just an observation, a support request or a feature suggestion? :slight_smile:

(Icrawler) #3

Ah no I'm trying to find models with those requirements. For art study stuff :slight_smile: It's nice having moveable light-sources.