Moving Model On A Plane

(Jon Russell) #1

Can someone let me know how to move a 3D model on along a plane so that the blue line is going directly through the middle of the model? I want to use the turn table (rotation) feature but it looks weird if the blue line is not exactly in the middle of the model. I can rotate the model and move it along other axis, but not so the red line is in the middle. Am I missing something?

The model is here:

(Bart) #2


The ‘gizmo’ (the colored sphere) only indicates the orientation of the model, its location is not the center of rotation of your scene. To re-center, just double-click in your scene on the point where you want the center to be:

(Jon Russell) #3

Ah, ok, that is not what I meant. If I set this model to turntable, it rotates but it is offset so sometimes it appears really close to the camera and other times it is far away. I wanted to move the entire model so the blue line goes directly through the middle of the model, so it is not offset.

You can see that the blue line on another model is also not directly through the middle, the red arrows show where the turntable rotation point should be:

So can I somehow move the blue arrow so it is directly in the middle of the model?

(Bart) #4

As I said, the blue arrow isn’t the center of rotation. Double-click to place the center of rotation (there’s no visual feedback, sorry), and save your view. Then try the turntable - it should work.

(Jon Russell) #5

Hi Bart,

ok, I will be honest, I opened 3D settings for that model, I double left clicked, the camera view changed, I saved it, but its the same (rotates offset). I thought ‘man, I’m missing something obvious…’. I opened 3D settings, I double right clicked (genius?), saved it, and…no change. It still rotates offset. You can see it here:

So, I am in dire need of some Bart magic to solve this issue.


Autospin rotates the model, it doesn’t move the camera in an orbit, so it will always rotate around the center of the model’s bounding box, regardless of where the camera target is set.

You could maybe use the Viewer API to animate the camera around the point you want instead, but it would be tedious.

(Jon Russell) #7

If I re-upload the model will this somehow change the bounding box? Having an offset autospin is messing with my mojo.

(Bart) #8

Interesting! I learned something today :slight_smile:


The bounding box is always determined by the actual model geometry, so if the geometry changes during a re-upload, so will the bounding box. However, the saved default camera location is preserved during re-upload, along with all the other settings, so if the position or scale of a model changes drastically, the viewer rotation (but not the autospin model rotation) could behave strangely.