Mozilla Hubs Challenge - Coffee Shop / Clubhouse


(Cameron Mckenzie) #1

Hello there! Starting a topic about my entry. Starting the topic a little late because of finals but I’ll be uploading screenshots of many of the models I’ve already made and will be making throughout the process. Thanks for stopping by!

First I started by making some a couch area with a few additions.

(Cameron Mckenzie) #2

Created some booths. Textures and materials will change later.

(Bart) #3

Great start, good luck! Remember to hurry up though as you entered a bit late :slight_smile:

(Cameron Mckenzie) #4

Added a few more models. This is the second to last update before the final submission!

Need to add some more models and textures and then I’ll be all finished!

(Cameron Mckenzie) #5

Last update before the bar and decorations are added!

(Nebulousflynn) #6

@CameronMckenzie - great to see this developing.

Good luck for submitting by 23:59 tonight, New York time – EDT!

(Cameron Mckenzie) #7

The final draft for submission!

Morning Dew Coffee Shop #MozHubsRoom by CameronMckenzie on Sketchfab

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d hoped because of finals, but here is what I have! Enjoy!

(Cameron Mckenzie) #9

This competition introduced me to the Sketchfab community and helped me get familiar with publishing and sharing so I’m excited to stay active on this site! Also props to the other submissions! There are some amazing scenes you all have created :smiley: