Mozilla Hubs Challenge - Lord of the Rings Museum

(Hadrien59) #1

Hello everyone !
I don’t know if I can go to the end with my theme, due to copy right, but there’s only actors pictures in some frames, so maybe it will be ok :stuck_out_tongue:.
I want to do a space where everyone can go where they prefer. Hobbits, Elves or Dwarfs, choose your room ! And import iconic weapons to play with friends and take great pictures :slight_smile:
You will find an object/weapon under each character portrait representing them. I hope you will ha fun !

(Hadrien59) #2

Here are some blocking. It’s very low poly/sharp edge due to polygons limitation.
I wanted to let large spaces so we can move freely

(Hadrien59) #3

Some shading for the dwarf room. The lighting is un progress to emulate torch light in the room.

(Hadrien59) #4

I just finished it

Well it was a bit too ambitious and I really did’nt have time for it :confused: but hey ! I did something :stuck_out_tongue: and i experimented a very low poly fountain. And I quicly learn to draw to fill the pictures ^^
So it was worth the try :smiley:

(Hadrien59) #5

Some of the props