Mozilla Hubs Challenge - Wizard's Library

(Mediochrea) #1

Hey everyone, so excited to join the contest! After much consideration, I’ve come up with an idea for the clubhouse: a library owned by a prolific wizard, where all his wizard buddies can hang out, read a book, and boast about their exploits. Wizards only, fools! :wink:

I’ve collected a few reference pieces in a moodboard, hopefully I’ll manage to achieve something as inspirational as these!

Gonna start on a blockout now, and explore the possible layout of the library. I’m thinking about a multi-level design with stairs, to add some verticality and visual interest.

(Mediochrea) #2

First iteration on the blockout! I went with a circular room, with full-wall bookcases, and a central winding staircase, which also doubles as a bookcase! :grinning: The stairs would take you to the upper floor, where a huge magical orrery, animations and all, is located. Above it is either an ornate roof, or a skydome, whichever I get my hands on. Really happy with the start, now to refine the blockout.

(Tanechque) #3

Oh, it’s adorable! Really looking forward to see the final result!

(Joshmarinacci) #4

I love the orrey idea.

(Mediochrea) #5

@tanechque thanks a lot, there’s a long way to go still! :blush:

@joshmarinacci really glad you like it, it can look really cool if done right!

Some more progress on the blockout, getting in some more stylized bookcases and cabinets, there will be a few more types of book-related furniture in the end. :slight_smile: Also made some rough ceiling beams, and it’s starting to look really cozy.

(Bart) #6

Great mood board, I’m looking forward to your entry!

(Mediochrea) #7

@bartv thanks man, I’ll try not to disappoint! :slight_smile:

This week I had critically low amount of free time, so the update is a bit, well, small :smiley: . Still need to figure out the stairway, and a few important props are still missing, but it’s coming together well! I’m estimating a couple more days spent on the models, and then I’m going to finally begin texturing everything.

Some of the new props I’ve worked on:

(Benji Todd Artist) #8

Looking good, love all the props!

(Mediochrea) #9

@BenjiToddArtist cheers man, glad to hear! :slight_smile:

Another small update, looks like I’ve nearly figured out the staircase! Not quite done, but nice progress from where it started. Also some detailing on the pillars and other places. A bit concerned about the steadily approaching deadline, still so much to be done. :worried: Hopefully the time factor won’t affect the initial image I had in my mind.

(Daedal Js) #10

looking good.
i’m a bit concerned about the deadline too lol.
a little worried i may have been a bit too ambitious myself but i think if you can get what you’ve already done colored and textured you’ll be in really good shape.

(Mediochrea) #11

@daedalJS Thanks! :slight_smile: And yeah, I’m giving myself the whole next week to work on the textures, so hopefully I’ll make the deadline!

Some final props: a sofa/armchair combo and a candle lantern!

(Plasmaernst) #12

Cool atmosphere! Looking forward to see it textured :slight_smile:

(Mediochrea) #13

Wow, this was a rough week! Haven’t posted much due to work, but there has been quite a lot of progress on the scene. I’m mostly done with the texturing now (a lot of the UVs and texture placement are placeholder), and it’s really becoming something that I wanted to make from the beginning. :slight_smile: Still a TON of work to be done, and so little time, but I’m sure I’ll make the best of it. I’ll go have a nap now.

No pretty renders today, just screenshots with AO:

Bonus video :smiley:

(Mediochrea) #14

Final trial: set dressing and general optimization. I reeeeally hope I can get the scene to under 50k, oh man.

For today’s image, some couches :slight_smile:

(Plasmaernst) #15

good luck with finishing up! :+1:
Nice texturing! I think with the textures it’s important that they have just the right amount of contrast, so the surfaces don’t fall apart.

(Sawcisson) #16

Really cool hand painted vibe. i’m having that WOW / LOL vibe

(Draeskai) #17

Wow I definitely want to visit that one!
I love the theme and textures!

(Nebulousflynn) #18

Agree - really looking forward to seeing the final entry @mediochrea!

(Mediochrea) #19

So it’s last minute entry, I hope Cinderella didn’t turn into a pumpkin yet.

Why did I pick this setting - because it was the first image in my head when I read about the contest. I imagined wizards’ library with an atmosphere of wonder and magic, with an enormous amount of visual information ready to be explored. I think that the concept of VR chat room is about getting new experience and as for me, I have never been to wizards’ library before.

I wanted to create a place in which people could lose themselves in the fairy tale, get a childlike sense of delight and joy, get inspired and become a little bit happier.

This was an exercise in scope and managing expectations.



Thank you to everyone, and especially to my wonderful wife who has suffered my long hours at the computer for some time now :slight_smile:

(Mediochrea) #20

Unfortunately my wreck of a PC has refused to cooperate with me when tasked with baking the lighting into vertex colors, so it looks like my scene will be a bit bare. Tried to do it to the very end, to no avail. :cry: Oh well, next time!