Mozilla Hubs Challenge - Wizard's Library

(Plasmaernst) #21

Sorry to hear about your trouble, hope you manage to bake the lighting in the future :+1:

(Rudolfs) #22

Oh man, I was really looking forward to seeing this finished, you had great scene and lighting. Good work.

(Tombolaso) #23

same here :smiley: god bless 3Dartis’s girlfriends/wifes etc etc :smiley:

(Mediochrea) #24

@plasmaernst Thanks man, I hope so too! It was really unfortunate, but I’ve learned a hard lesson about really making sure that the the technology you choose to achieve a goal will not let you down at the last moment :sweat_smile:
@rudolfs Yeah, me too, but I think it’s decent nonetheless :smiley:
@tombolaso hell yeah man, they’re the best!