Mulan scene in Unreal - High poly, low poly, UVs


(Rvillani) #1

I wanted to practice female human anatomy and decided to do it using my favorite Disney "princess"
It's still in progress as I'll do Shan Yu's sword and Mushu. Also some environment like the rooftop she's on at the end of the movie.

WIP - Mulan by Rodrigo Villani on Sketchfab


Low-poly wireframe


Mesh textured and with proper shaders inside Unreal Engine

(Dark Minaz) #2

looks slightly to realistic somehow, and some parts look slightly to "old" for mulan
In her movie she was 16 if i remember correctly, this looks more like 25+ (especially the hands)

What i really like are the clothes, nice designs on there.
Looking forward to a slightly more realistic version of mushu, one of my fav dragons of my childhood :smile: (well still behind spyro but a close 2nd)

(The Timeburner) #3

This is great!But,it's kinda creepy..

(Rvillani) #4

Holy shit! I don’t know if I didn’t get the notifications, but it’s been three years since you guys commented!

Thanks a lot for the feedback :smiley: Really appreciate it.
Yeah, she looks older. But I remember my intention was to make a more adult sexy Mulan. Maybe I’ll find the time to revisit her some day.

About Mushu, I think he deserves some more love too. It was my first time working on a non-human character.