Multi-Channel RMA texture support

Currently it’s standard practice in the Games industry to pack in the Roughness, Metallic and AO into a single map, each on it’s own channel to save memory. There doesn’t appear any way to get RMA maps to work properly in sketchfab and define which channel is which which means we have to export all of our textures for the game engine and then export them all again for Sketchfab with each separate texture being in it’s own file

It would be a big time saver to be able to utilize RMA maps without having to do this

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Interesting, is that using in house tools, custom software export or it’s directly in commercial software ?
If the latter, can you provide list of software supporting RMA format ?

Unreal 4 and Unity support this

Have you guys implemented this? It’s been a standard in game engines for years and years and years at this point. Most all materials re goign to be setup and packed for RMA so bringing meshes into sketchfab at this point requires unpacking things which is a pain

@paul_sketch has this been given further consideration or is possibly in the works?
Having the option to condense 3 texture maps down to just 1 seems like an obvious win for speed/optimization, but perhaps it’s not so easily implemented with Sketchfab’s engine?

Any update would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

We’re still considering it, mostly how to find a good UX for this.


We already do pack texture at render time in the viewer, it’s really more about finding a good way to do so on the “3d settings” material texture manager and material.

Just came to see if RMA (or ARM in my workflow is supported).
Unfortunately it’s not yet, although if you’re wondering how to incorporate it into the UI, exactly what you currently have setup in regards to opacity (using a drop down to set opacity as using the alpha channel of an RGB-A texture map).
The only difference would be having the drop down able to use either the RGB combined, R, G, B or A separately. Have a look how it’s handled in Marmoset, unity, unreal, Blender etc for a rough idea. Here’s hoping for this feature in the near future :slight_smile: