Multi FBX Animation Takes Export (3dsmax)

I just run into a problem which seems to be important for everyone. I didn´t invest much time yet, but tomorrow i´m sure i will find the solution.
The problem is how you can seperate, export and name multiple take inside the fbx file in 3dsmax?

If anyone have already a solution please simply share it here :wink: Or else i will post anything new i found here tomorrow, i guess it´s no big problem, just something i didnt thought about yet.

Using the motionmixer doesn´t seem to work or somehow i need to connect the fbx-export with the motionmixer information…

I’d really be interested in that one, too. Didn’t figure out how to do it, yet but if I find a solution I’m gonan share it here as well :smile:

Have you been able to successfully export fbx animation from 3Ds max in general? I still can’t seem to get it to work.

Yes i make it work with simple movement and rotation animation for some linked boxes. There was nothing special, just animate in timeline and at the export you have to check that animation will be exported without baking. I didn´t try skinned objects yet.

Oh okay. Yeah, I have the objects skinned and that’s where I seem to be getting issues. I don’t see that anyone has figured that part out yet. It seems people are getting it to work perfectly with Blender though. Not 100% sure about Maya?

I have to fix my system until i can start working again. Seems the PSU have a malfunction…

I don´t know how it works in Maya, but i´m sure that all 3dprograms will work nearly the same.

I use 3ds Max and tried just about all I could try. I’m waiting to hear back from some of the staff that I messaged. It’s a bit crazy that’s it been this long since anyone has tested it out or attempted a solution.

I´m also wondering because the demos they showed, do have multiple animation takes… so it must be doable :wink:
I read about a hackish method to copy one animation from a fbx-file-code into another, but have no possiblity to try it at the moment.

Can anyone help looking for a downloadable link to this script:

seems to be the solution we are looking for!

or this h4cksor variant, i can try on thursday…:

Hi there!

This solution isn’t exactly a 3ds max solution, but if you have motionbuilder, you can import all your fbx ino motionbuilder and export multiple takes in the same file.

hope this helps.

Would that work for 3ds max animations in general?

This solution doesn’t work for me… :disappointed: I use 3ds Max 2010…

I tried the Hack Variant to affect the ASCII FBX file by hand, but sketchfab doesn´t seem to handle the ASCII FBX file correct, even when i reconvert in binary format. It will only load a green distorted mesh, at least with the possiblity to choose 2 animation.

Like this:

@jhs what version of FBX did you use?

with my §dsmax i can maximum export to fbx 200900 (it´s 3dsmax2009 64bit). When i export from 3dsmax direct into binary everything is fine at sketchfab, but then i don´t have the chance to rewrite different takes inside the fbx. So i used the FBX Converter2013.3 to convert this file from ASCII back to binary in the same fbx200900 format. Then the misterious green glitch appears in sketchfab.

The same i also tried with fbx2006MB75 format.

Hmm ok, I’m really not sure. I don’t have any experience with 3ds Max. Maybe someone else here can help?

Or @waleguene if you have any idea?

Maybe someone can import an ASCII Formated FBX, that would be interesting which version it would be.

So, I just can’t see how to use multiple animations in one .FBX file. Actually I tried to download the “Multi Take” plugin but I have 3DsMax 2015 and it makes crash 3DsMax, so I just can’t figure it out how to do it D:

Is there any solution? D:
Thank You

Anyone still having problems with this just refer to the scriptspot link above. 10kb free script that works perfectly. Multiple named anims in a single file. Worked flawlessly for me first time Max 2016.