Multi-layer models with different excavation stages

(Stavangermaritimemuseum) #1


I recently did an excavation of a grave in Svalbard. Do you guys have any experience with making and uploading models with several layers?

There are reference points visible on all the different photogrammetry layers taken.

layer 1. surface of grave with cairn visible

layer 2. contact with coffin after removing cairn and cleaning up

layer 3 the coffin exposed

layer 4 skeleton exposed

layer 5 skeleton cleaned up with focus on finds, fabrics, etc.

(Abby Crawford) #2

@matthewbrennan perhaps you could offer some tips from your experience with the model of the Cosa excavation?

(Mrchlblng) #3

@Stavangermaritimemus I am not sure what your real need is. Do you want a static way to show the layers or an animated one?

We have a timeframe feature that allows to easily create "stop motion" animations from static models. At the moment it is quite simple: a list of models to display and a duration and we show/hide models according to the timeframe provided.
We are thinking of extending the feature a bit and e.g. we're thinking of allowing to "compose" models instead of replacing one by another simply. This could look like

1 layer1.obj
1 +layer2.obj
1 +layer3.obj
1 +layer4.obj

by adding the + sign before a model, it would add each model to the previous one so every second you'd show a new layer.
One issue would be that you need to have models setup correctly in space. We could add another syntax to allow for translation/rotation for models. I'm just fearing that this would be cumbersome to fine tune.

Please let us know if the current feature is of interest for your need and if we could see to extend it to meet your needs!

(Stavangermaritimemuseum) #4

I am not sure what my real need is. I have just recently opened the door to the fantastic universe of photogrammetry and 3d-modelling. And I would like to present my models in the best ways possible.

We do a lot of archaeological surveys and excavations, and the possibility to be able to make a 3d-model of the whole process is a very interesting concept.

I would love to be able to present a model where viewers could click their way through the different layers we uncover, dooing their own "excavation" at home... Animated means like a movie - we edit a clip hovering from model to model? In that case it is an interesting beginning.

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Very cool model. Would love to have some tips on how to make such a model.

(Bart) #6

Another option is to use our API to switch models in your scene 'on and off'. It requires some Javascript and it's not supported in your Sketchfab portfolio, but you can post such 'apps' on your own site if needed:

We have a dedicated forum for such apps where you can get all the help you need to set this up:

(Matthewbrennan) #7

For that model I had 4-5 separate models with common points (the corners of each trench). I simply aligned the models in 3DS Max and added the yellow lines to "link" them together - exported the combined model and uploaded to sketchfab.