Multi mesh object baking in Substance Painter


(Sesja Po Sesji) #1


I am currently working on a model which is made of multiple simple shaped meshes (mostly boxes and cylinders) and attached together to be one object, You can see it on screenshot given. Many of those meshes intersect and overlap. Now i need to unwrap it and bake, and I really have no clue how to bite that.

I’ve tried baking onto simple UVs as one object, and as expected it did not turn to be a good way, normals are corrupted around areas where boxes intersect or are really close to each other. I know about matching by name, but this can turn to really tedious work with around 100 simple objects.

Do You know any way to avoid detaching and naming those objects one by one? Or maybe there is some trick that would let SP2 do its magic on such mesh?

Note that this bake will not be really fancy, just a little bit of smootheness to boxes and a little bit of screw-like floaters.