Multi-resolution textures were not being generated

(Lpdenmark) #1

In the Website Change Log you mention that multi-resolution textures were not being generated.
Does that mean that models should be reuploaded to get the multi-resolution textures generated?

Hope not :slight_smile:


We're actively running a script to fix any existing models that are missing textures. It will take some time, but you won't need to re-upload or edit settings :slight_smile:

(Arck Project) #3

ok great! we have multiple models showing up without textures on Iphone devices because of this


I just forced your latest models into the queue.

(Arck Project) #5


(Arck Project) #6

multi resolution options not currently working agian. everything is only loading in HD mode


Yes, something strange is happening again. Investigating.

(Arck Project) #9

I am noticing loading problems on some of our models again...
This one fails every time I try to open it on a very good machine at work...


Sorry about that. We had some hiccups today related to texture cleanup, but it should be fixed soon.