(Rubikandsun) #1

Hi Guys,

I am uploading a model and testing your website.My question is it possible to have separate material in an object or some how separate object without baking that ( in the scene) so one material controlled seprately.And can I upload a new environment for lightening.


(Rubikandsun) #2

I found that it can support still the other question remains and there is a very odd thing that I can't get The reflection that I get seem incorrect I get a reflection in the shadow where there is wall ( object ) between the studio light and the surface..what is the reason?

(Paul Sketch) #3

You have to bake it an Ambient Occlusion map in your favorite 3D editor and then upload it into the ambient occlusion channel in Material Editor.

(Rubikandsun) #4

Hi Paul,

No what I understand that if I have dirt or reflection filter there I won't get reflection it is just that I think the raytrace calculation is odd it's like:"seeing through walls"there should only selfreflection ..or there is not such thing in the webgl renderer?


(Paul Sketch) #5

Indeed, no raytracing reflections in the webgl renderer.

(Rubikandsun) #6

ok I see Paul thanks and sorry for my English ..!So UNreal engine doesn't have raytrace reflection too ?

(Paul Sketch) #7

They may have "screen space" reflection as they have access to a more modern set of GPU commands, but it's not raytraced reflections, and it's very costly in render performance / fps impact.
( see here for a list of shortcomings )

(Rubikandsun) #8

I see! Thanks for the link!


To answer one of your original questions, there's no interface on your end to upload a custom environment (yet), but if you send us an .HDR file, we can add it to your account.